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Tienda Crio's

Crio's Qualities


1 Up to date design

2 Formative Widths

3 Natural Leather

4 Safety Toes

5 Flexible Soles

6 Latex Quilted

7 Antibacterian Treatment

8 Reinforced heel

9 Quilted insoles

10 Non-slip soles


Crio's team have studied the most convenient shoe for each growth stage of the child's foot with clear aims such as:
1 To make easier the foot movement - 2 Protect the foot in the weak point - 3 provide confort - 4 Being in the latest fashion line




At this stage child's foot needs specially softness and flexibility.

Our little shoes at this stage are made with natural, flexible and quilted Leather.

Fitted like a glove for your baby.

First Steps

 First Steps


The baby has rid of the cradle and is starting to crawl, discovering a new world. The most aproppiate shoe will be specially reinforced both toe and heel.

At this stage the child is able to stand up but he's still unstable and he will look for his mother's hand starting the first steps.

Crio's Collection

 Crio's Collection


As the time goes by, the crawl stage is over. Children discover new things all the time. They spend the day jumping, running with agility.

That special shoe must be comfortable and must lead the foot to the proper position in order to avoid any malformation. There is need to be a well-done shoe, perfectly adapted to the foot shape.



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